Sugar taste- without Sugar!!!

Instant Coffee and Mocha frappes, hot chocolate blends, Matcha and Rooibos latte's, Ice tea and Chai blends. Created for the Cafe industry, these are sugar free alternatives to today's most popular loved drinks on the menu- made using only organic and natural ingredients.

Everyone loves the taste of Sugar- and that's how our drinks taste, deliciously sweet- but without sugar!!! Our secret is we use a blend of two natural sweeteners. Xylitol- a natural sugar substitute from American Birch hardwood, and Stevia extract (Rebaundia A)-from nature's sweetest plant- 250X sweeter than sugar. Aswell as sugar free benefits all our blends are also Dairy, Lactose and Gluten free. You make them with the milk alternative of your choice. Diabetic safe with a GI Index of 7, and without Stevia aftertaste or bitterness.

You have a choice over Sugar...

About Us

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We are based in Nelson BC, Canada. Created by Harreson and Joanne Sinclaire, also owners of our head company Matcha Mountains. We blend all our products locally, from the finest sources.

A passion for natural, great tasting products is what drives us to create our amazing and unique products.

Since 2010 our parent company Matcha Mountains has been creating Organic Matcha Green Tea based, powdered drink mixes for both Cafe and retail businesses across Canada.

Message from the founder

We invite you to try our products and measure them up against the best organic products on the market today. We use only the best ingredients to create perfection in what we make. We are the trendsetters, with the health food industry's first Natural Sugar Free blends in North America

Harreson Sinclaire- President

Our New Lineup!

All 2nd Heaven Sugar Free beverage blends are instant powders. Made with only organic and Natural ingredients. Dairy, Lactose and Gluten free. You need very little of our blends to make a cup of you favourite beverage. Our Sweetener blend concentrates the natural sugar tasting sweetness of Xylitol many times by adding Stevia. It is over 250 times as sweet as sugar- a tiny pinch will sweeten a cup of tea. Our stevia has no bitterness or aftertaste!

DARK- Rich, Swiss cocoa, with subtle vanilla undertones.

MILK- A little sweeter, creamier, with more Vanilla,

MINT- A version of our Dark with a hint of Peppermint oil extract.

MOCHA FRAPPE- Cafe style- Rich coffee with undertones of chocolate.

VANILLA COFFEE FRAPPE - Perfect Cafe style taste- Delicious.

ROOIBOS ICED TEA- Instant Red Rooibos tea- with lemon, refreshing.

ROOIBOS LATTE- Relax, and sooth yourself- our Caffeine free latte.

MATCHA CHAI- Traditional Chai spices, Cinnamon, Cardamon & Ginger- blended with healthy Japanese Matcha Green tea

MATCHA LATTE- Energizing & Antioxidant loaded. The hottest trend in today's Cafe. With Organic Ceremonial style Matcha.

Buying and ordering

If you are an interested Distributor, Store or Cafe owner, please contact us directly for further details

For consumers: below is a list of stores currently stocking our products. Or if you are in a new area we don't have a sales outlet in, email us with your local favorite health food store details, and we shall contact them direct. If we are succesful with gaining a new store customer, you will receive a free gift pack of our entire line

In BC: - -NATURES FARE STORES IN Langley, Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna and in Deli's- ICED MOCHA! / VERNON- Simply Delicious, Nature's Fare / NELSON- Kootenay Co-op ,Old World Bakery and Cafe, ACOS / CASTLEGAR- Mother Natures / ROSSLAND - Ferraro Foods

ALBERTA: - CALGARY- Amaranth Natural foods / Siplicious Teas / STONY PLAIN / Homegrown Health Foods

QUEBEC: - Bromont - La petite épicerie futée


Contact Us

For further information on where to purchase, order or distribution enquiries, Email us at
Mailing Address
307A Carbonate Street
Nelson BC, V1L 4P1, Canada / Tel: PST 250-551-7130